Trueman Rosanna clicks out at 16,000gns

Sale Report

Trueman & Lynderg 2021

Sale Champion Winning Bid £16,000.00 Guineas Trueman Rosanna

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After much anticipation in the run-up to the Trueman & Lynderg joint online auction. 

Online bidding opened on the Pedigree Sales auction platform on Thursday evening, Right from the start Shamrock (aka Seamus Keady) placed the first bid at 7:04 pm, it was early morning down under when Poshcow (aka Michael Devine) set out his intentions. As a bidding battle launched between the two west of Ireland breeders to secure this exceptional young maiden heifer.  It was late on Friday evening when site 3YO_Bobby_Kennedy_choice (Aka, Geariod Kennedy) got into the action with a bid of 14k, bidding from the other side of the world Poshcow responded with a bid of 15k. Trueman Rosanna wasn't going to be denied a new home in Co. Laois as the final 37th click 3YO_Bobby_Kennedy_choice secured our Sale Champion, Trueman Rosanna, for £16,000.00 Guineas. Our congratulations to Geariod on the purchase of this classy breeding female direct from the Trueman Herd, speaking with Geariod following the sale his delighted to have purchased this daughter by Telfers Munster and the remarkable Dam Trueman Indie. 

Every winning bidder & under-bidder becomes our cattle Judges so a huge thank you to our underbidders, Michael Devine, & Seamus Keady for helping to select Trueman Rosanna as the 2021 Sale Champion.  

Sale Reserve Champion Winning Bid £7,600.00 Guineas Lynderg Renee

Lynderg Renee - Image 2-1


Lynderg Renee was the baby in the sale at just 9 months old she is a daughter of Lynderg Hero and her dam Lynderg Camellia herself a daughter of french bred Ludo & Sabine. Opening at £4,400,00 Renee quickly clicked her way to £6,000.00 with bids from SM (aka Sam Matchett) SamuelS (aka Trevor Shields), then PMB (aka Paul Brown) came in at £6,200,00 further bids by galicia (aka Tommy Staunton) to £7,400.00 were all outbid by SamuelS determined proxy bids to secured Lynderg Renee at £7,600.00. This fabulous young heifer will certainly make the cut in the showings in 2022 and will be one to watch and follow. Many congratulations to Trevor Sheilds on the purchase of Lynderg Renee an eye-catching calf surely destined to win many rosettes. 

Lot #9 Trueman Rumba (2nd Reserve Sale Champion)

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Trueman Rumba a daughter of Trueman Honey and sired by Ampertaine Magnum attracted attention from shamrock (aka Seamus Keady) right from the opening click. Further bids by Michael (aka Michael Woods), Pablo (aka Diarmuid O'Riordan) & cloud (aka Dylan Davies) were all outbid by the determined Spiddal breeder Seamus Keady who secured the very stylish Trueman Rumba with a final click of £7,200.00. Many congratulations to Seamus on the purchase of Trueman Rumba. 

Lot #10 Trueman Roxy - Winning click £7,000.00

Main Image lim21 trueman roxy 3173-3


It took 18 clicks to win Trueman Roxy, is the daughter of Trueman Layla and another sired by Telfers Munster. The first click at £3,600.00 was posted by db1 (aka Donal Byrne) a flurry of bids followed by Bridgeview (aka George McCague), Jcow (aka Joe McCreesh), and ATCKCL (aka John Kenny) to bring bidding to £6,800.00 but Donal Byrne wasn't to be denied and with a final click of £7,000.00 to secure the Trueman Roxy lady for his herd in Co. Mayo. We would like to congratulate Donal on the purchase of Roxy. 

Lot #21 Lynderg Ruby Winning click £6,400.00

Lynderg ruby - Potrait-2


Lynderg Ruby opened from a starting point of £2,800.00 with a click from Bridgeview (aka George McCague) followed quickly by a click from Ballybrick (aka Keith Forsythe) before a click to win battle pursued between PMB (aka Paul Brown) and harryo (aka Padraig McCourt) finally finishing with the winning click falling to Padrick McCourt at £6,400.00 who was delighted with his purchase from the french sire Ocean and daughter of Lynderg Maeve. Congratulation Paul and thank you to all the underbidders. 

Lot #13 Trueman Ruby Winning click £6,000.00

Main Image lim21 trueman ruby 0866-1


Trueman Ruby was opened for sale with a click from Murphy (aka Clive Knox) followed by Tentore (aka Brendan O Shea) before Shamrock (aka Seamus Keady) joined at £4,800.00 and went on to secure Trueman Ruby at £6,000.00. Ruby is the daughter of Trueman Melody and sired by the french sire Valcano. We wish Seamus every success with Trueman Ruby. 

Lot #8 Trueman Rita Winning click £6,000.00

lim21 trueman rita 2825-1


Trueman Rita opening at £3,600.00 and finishing at £6,000.00 with a click from Tjs5431 (aka Tom Summers) with underbidders pablo (aka Diarmuid O'Riordan) & PMB (aka Paul Brown) in the hunt right to the last clicks. Trueman Rita is a daughter of Trueman Nancy and sired by Queenshead Altea. Best wishes to Tom Summers with the purchase of Trueman Rita.  

Lot #5 Lynderg Rembrant was secured by rmcp (aka Ryan McPolin) for a click of £5,600.00

Lot 5 - Image 1-2


Lynderg Rembrant sold on a click of £5,600.00 this son of Lynderg Hero & the exceptional cow Lynderg Galmira will be the herd sire at Newhillfarm Limousin's owned by Ryan McPolin, it is the intention of the McPolin's to also show Rembrant at the Balmoral show later this year. Best wishes to the McPolin's with Lynderg Rembrant. 

Lot #4 Lynderg Pearl was purchased on the 9th click reaching £5,200.00 by SamuelS (aka Trevor Shields) and underbidder harryo (aka Padraig McCourt) 

Lot 4 Potrait-3


Lot #1 Lynderg Poupoule winning click £5,000.00

Lot 1 - Potrait-3

Lot #6 Trueman Rod winning click £5,000.00

Main Image lim21 Trueman rod 3412

Lot #12 Trueman Roxanne winning click £5,000.00

lim21 trueman roxanne 1871-2

Lot #14 Trueman Pussycat winning click £4,800.00

Main Image lim21 trueman pussycat 3293-1

Lot #11 Trueman Rose winning click £4,600.00 


Lot #2 Lynderg Prescilla winning click £4,200.00

do not use

Lot #15 Trueman Raindrop winning click £3,800.00

Main Image lim21 trueman raindrop 1249-1

Lot #16 Trueman Recipient winning click £3,600.00

Recpient Image to use on website

Lot #23 Lynderg Roberta winning clicks of £3,600.00

Lynderg Roberta - Potrait-1

Lot #24 Lynderg Raffi clicked out at £2,900.00

Lynderg Raffi - Potrait-1

Lot #22 Lynderg Rosie winning click £2,800.00

Lynderg Rosie - Potrait-1

Lot #25 Lynderg Rosanne clicked out at £2,800.00

Lynderg Roseanne - Potrait-1

Trueman Embryos Lot #18 £1,600.00

Trueman Embryos Lot #17 £1,300.00

Trueman Embryos Lot #19 £1,100.00

Unsold Lot #3 Lynderg Princess

Full sale details and bidding history is also available on the website. 

On behalf of Tommy Staunton, Colm Farrell, and the entire Pedigree Sales team of Rob Gaughan, Noel O Connor & Eoghan Gill we would like to thank the Savage & Quail families for trusting us to help market, showcase, and find wonderful new homes their livestock.  

The Pedigree Sales platform's new look and style are much credited to Rob Gaughan who has worked tirelessly all year to ensure no hiccups in speed or performance. Thankfully the site performed to its maximum and hopefully, it was a good online experience for all our bidders and visitors.

Our thanks also to Alfie Shaw of for all the excellent livestock images & videos and to Libby Clarke for help in marketing the sale. The final thank you goes to our buyers and underbidders without you no auction is possible. We would like to wish all the buyers every success with their purchases. 

We ask you to check into the platform and sign up for our newsletter as we're very excited to launch our Enterprise auction platform very soon. The site will be a fabulous addition to our Elite section.

Please keep in touch for more news and once again thank you to all our site visitors, to Henry Savage, Jim Quail, and most of all to our underbidders & especially our buyers. Tommy 

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