Now live open to bid Trueman & Lynderg

Trueman & Lynderg

We are delighted to announce bidding is now live for an amazing selection of 21 Pedigree Limousin cattle right from the heart of the Trueman & Lynderg herds.

Lots 1 to 4, in-calf heifers from Jim Quails Lynderg herd.

Lots 5 & 6, young breeding bulls from Lynderg & Trueman. 

Lots 7 to 15, Trueman maiden heifers. 

Lots 16 to 19, Recipient & 3 double embryos from Trueman.

Lots 20 to 25, Lynderg maiden heifers.

All Lots are on the Market from the 1st bid, there is no reserve thereafter. 

Every bid is your winning bid

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While live bidding is active the bidder's username is visible on the bid history, following the conclusion of the auction the sales report will use the bidder's real name.   

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The Trueman Herd was established in 1997 with the purchase of two heifers. Since then, it has expanded and now consists of more than 20 breeding cows. Most of the cows are the progeny of the 40th Anniversary National Champion Trueman Euphonium (Direct progeny embryo lot 17) and the younger cows are Euphonium x Jagger daughters. read full induction here:

James Quail established The Lynderg Herd in 1977 with the purchase of the Heifer Pelletstown Lucile at Dublin Show. Four French heifers followed in 1979. In 1981 Curraghgrange Tiara was purchased, she was a tremendous brood cow that helped lay the foundations of the Lynderg Herd. Through the years several French bulls were bought including Valide (Champion Balmoral 1986), Ocean (Champion Balmoral 2000), and Ludo (Male Champion Royal Highland and Reserve Male Balmoral 2002). Six outstanding females were purchased in 2003 Java, Ideune, Ondine, Palmira, Oralie, and Sabine. read full induction here:

See all the sale information, pedigree lines, Images & videos by clicking on any lot below: 

Lot 1 Lynderg Poupoule

Lot 2 Lynderg Priscilla

Lot 3 Lynderg Princess

Lot 4 Lynderg Pearl

Lot 5 Lynderg Rembrant

Lot 6 Trueman Rod

Lot 7 Trueman Rosanna

Lot 8 Trueman Rita

Lot 9 Trueman Rumba

Lot 10 Trueman Roxy

Lot 11 Trueman Rose

Lot 12 Trueman Roxanne

Lot 13 Trueman Ruby

Lot 14 Trueman Pussycat

Lot 15 Trueman Raindrop

Lot 16 Trueman Recipient

Lot 17 Trueman Embryos

Lot 18 Trueman Embryos

Lot 19 Trueman Embryos

Lot 20 Lynderg Renee

Lot 21 Lynderg Ruby

Lot 22 Lynderg Rosie

Lot 23 Lynderg Roberta

Lot 24 Lynderg Raffi

Lot 25 Lynderg Roseanne

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Stroll down to Pedigree line and follow Herd Book link full details on EBVs. 

We wish you every success, all animals are on the market there is no reserve after opening bid.