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Niall Stoddart owns the Longford Parthenaise Herd established in 2006, Niall's farm comprises of a Spring calving Purebred and Continental suckler herd, Purebred Blue Texel sheep and tillage.

Niall breeds Parthenaise stock for “Power and Style after seeing a pen of Parthenaise bulls on a farm in 2005 he made a trip to France where he purchased his first Parthenaise Female Trio of an in-calf cow carrying a heifer calf, with a heifer calf at foot breed by the renowned Lassie Herd in France. In 2007 Niall bought another cow in France and became involved with the Irish Parthenaise society.

When Niall got married in 2009 the society kindly gave him a wedding present of a heifer from the Boley Herd breed by William Shiel, Co. Laois. These cows have formed the foundation for his twenty purebred cows in the herd today from there on it was the start of an exciting journey for Niall at Longford Parthenaise. The development of the herd over the years has attracted local and international buyers from the UK & Greece.

Niall is a strong believer in recording breeding records and weight data and has consistently found the Parthenaise breed to exceed expectations for weight gain from birth to weaning. Another major factor for Niall was the docility of the breed. Using top 5-star bulls namely “Taisa, Eturdi and Implosif, Eturdi was the French Junior Champion and was stock bull on the farm for 3 seasons. 

Introducing Niall's sales bulls: 


Romeo is a good bull for a new entrant into Parthenaise, he will bring good size to his offspring, with potential for great shape and style and retaining females off him will be a good foundation to any herd be it commercial or pedigree. 

Romeo boasts strong figures Beef €131 for replacement, €145 terminal, Dairy Beef €133 allocating Romeo a 5-star rating across all breeds. Romeo's calving difficulty is super low at just 2.3% on cows, and 5.0% on heifers. Longford Romeo's Sire was bred by Brian Byrnes “Rathpierce Herd Mike” Co. Wexford and Dam: Longford Hutilite, sired by Ursul she is in the top tier of the cows at Longford Parthenaise. 

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Longford Raymond is a natural muscular eye-catching young bull, sired by a popular French Bull “Implosif”, we used Raymond on some cows last year and currently have calves on the ground, These are quality calves that back up Raymond’s quality and E.B.V.s

Raymond hits all the E.B.V.s with a calving ease figure when bred to beef cows of just 2.0% This equates to 96% below the all-breed beef average. He is 7.1% on beef heifers, equating to 15% below all-breed averages when used on heifers. 

The dam is Longford Katie-Marie, which is one of the most stylish cows in the herd. A second generation homebred cow from a line that has consistently produced the quality progeny we seek time after time. 

Romeo & Raymond have not been pampered in any way and have outwintered in the paddocks they were photographed in, they weren't pre-washed or groomed simple images and video showing the bulls in their natural environment.  

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Nial has featured on two episodes of the youtube FarmingLife program created by Conor Ryan 

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